Nena, I can hardly believe that it’s been a year since our wedding on that little covered bridge in Schoharie, NY. That day is largely a blur in my mind, but it remains one of the most special days in my life.

In twelve very short months, we’ve added a third member of our family, bought our first house and done more home improvement than I ever thought I was capable of. We’ve grown both as individuals and as a couple, learned from our mistakes and disagreements and always come out on top. We’ve enjoyed many a great time with our friends and family and we are almost able to cook together in the kitchen without getting in one anothers way.

Nena, you’ve been my most vocal (and patient) supporter in everything I do. LENNDEVOURS is what it is today because you’ve always pushed me to do what I love. It’s brought us new friends, introduced us to new wines and opened many doors for us both. I have to thank you for all of this.

I love you and I look forward to celebrating forever with you.