PregnantWell, dear readers, it appears that the LENNDEVOURS team is going to be expanding — on or around February 1, 2007 to be more specific.

That’s right, the Thompsons are expecting and the woman behind the man behind the blog is doing quite well following her 12-week sonogram. Currently the little guy/girl is somewhere between the size of a fig and a lime and growing every single day.

Needless to say, we are beyond happy/excited/thrilled.

Of course, it has also changed things here in the Thompson household quite a bit already. As Nena nears the end of the first trimester, we are both hoping that the food aversions that have plagued the first three months subside. What are these aversions you ask? Just about everything. Seriously.

And, the wine tasting table has been a bit of a lonely place for me lately as well. Sure, she can smell and spit, but nausea has often prevented my white wine expert from even doing that.

So, now that I’ve been given permission to "announce" the big news, you can expect regular posts about the trials and tribulations of the pregnant foodie family.

And to all of you, both in and out of the local wine industry, who have invited us to events and dinners only to be shunned, dissed or politely turned down — I hope you understand why now. And because it’s not a secret anymore, we hope to get out and about more…especially once Nena is feeling better.

That’s the news for now. I can’t put into words the excitement we all feel — including Ben Roethlisbeagle, who is looking forward to being a big brother.