WaterIt’s amazing the issues that arise when one’s wife is pregnant.

Until we found out about the baby-to-be, we’d typically drink wine with dinner
— we are wine lovers after all. I still do so because I’ve got a lot of wine I need to taste for my various writing outlets, but Nena obviously can’t.

So, we’ve been looking for alternatives. There’s a lot less out there than you’d think.

Soda? Too sugary and fake-sweeteners are no good for pregnant women.

Verjus? There are a couple local wineries who produce this unfermented juice from half-ripe grapes. Nena like it on occasion but not every day.

Fruit Juice? It can be a nice diversion, but too often the flavors are strong and dominate the food at hand.

So that leaves us with water. I feel awful, but that’s what Nena drinks with every meal now (and between so that she can get her required 48+ ounces a day). We’ve tried sparkling, seltzer, tonic, with lemon, with cukes, mixed with lime juice and cranberry juice. All "okay" but nothing that is really grabbing my little lady enough to drink it every day.

So now I ask you, dear readers, for ideas for alternative, food-friendly beverages. I’m sure there are things out there that we’ve not thought of — or new variations on things we have tried.