ButtsThis morning I got up early to do a little BBQ prep work before heading to the office. (Okay, so maybe Ben got up at 5 a.m. and had to go out, so I got up to take him, regardless, I was awake early.)

The first thing I did was make the rub for these two delicious chunks of well-marbled pork. I think there’s 15 lbs total, so we’ll have more than enough for the party, which means pulled pork tacos, omelets, fried rice…whatever all next week. No complaints here.

Once I trimmed some fat (just a little, fat is good!) from the butts, I rubbed them down with the spice-salt-brown sugar blend and they are sitting in our refridgerator curing a little before they go on the smoker tonight for their 10-12 hour cook. That’s a long time, but man is it worth it.

I also whipped up a BBQ sauce with onion, garlic, green apple, rice vinegar, ketchup, cayenne, black pepper, yellow mustard, cider vinegar, brown sugar and apple juice.

Tonight I have some other prep work to do…but it’s going to be some party tomorrow.