Posts Written OnAugust 24, 2006

It’s No Wonder That Pittsburgh Isn’t Wine Savvy

Pittsburgh (my beloved home town) falls within the borders of Pennsylvania, a commonwealth whose liquor laws barely have crept out of prohibition, so it should come as no surprise that it’s not the most wine-savvy city east of the Mississippi River. But, with one of the city’s two major newspapers publishing stories like this one (thanks Beau), is there any hope that it will change? It’s disturbing to say the least. Elizabeth Downer, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette’s restaurant critic recently took over as it’s wine critic  (cheers to the PPG for finally having a wine critic) as well. And, while her…

1st Annual Long Island Restuarant Week: November 5 – 12

It’s still a couple months away, but the first ever Long Island Restaurant Week has been announced. It will take place November 5 – 12 all over Long Island. Looking at the website, there just aren’t many restaurants signed up yet. Hopefully that will change because this definitely has potential. Check their site as the week approaches, hopefully there will be more, and better, restaurants involved by then.

Restaurant Review: Waterzooi (Garden City, NY)

By Contributing Columnist Donavan Hall In one of my (yet to be published) novels I created a Belgian-style restaurant and brewpub in the Long Island town of Port Jefferson.  This little beer fantasy of mine is not so far from reality.  For those of us on the East End who are willing to drive into Nassau County, we can get our taste of Belgium at Waterzooi in Garden City (850 Franklin Avenue). Denise and I decided to take in the Sunday Brunch at Waterzooi and we were pleased to find ample parking in the public lot right out front.  The…