Champagne is something I openly admit I know very little about, so I was glad that Sam wanted to host a WBW around the stuff.

Sadly, as you can tell by the fact that I’m posting my tasting a day late, I didn’t prepare very much and didn’t learn a whole lot either. But, I did enjoy the wine I ended up with.

In the past, well before my palate started to develop, I’d tasted Dom Perignon and all those high-end (expensive at least) Champagnes and I wasn’t impressed compared to a $20 bottle of bubbly from California. I didn’t see the value and just thought Champagne over-priced.

Well, after this $32 bottle of Champage Deutz Brut Classic, I’m at least partially convinced that there is something to Champagne…the real thing. There’s a certain something about it…

After digging through a lot of garbage online, I learned that this
sparkler is approximately 38% Pinot Noir, 32% Pinot Meunier and 30%
Chardonnay and that the grapes are harvested in Aÿ, Marne Valley, Cotes
des Blancs and Montagne de
Reims, with 40% coming from Deutz’s own vineyards.

The bubbles are vigorous right out of the bottle, eventually settling a bit with a fine bead that lingers for quite a while. The medium-gold wine offers a intense toasty, yeasty nose with apple, pear and faint berry notes in the background. Bold and flavorful on the palate, the toastiness gives way to a bit more fruit — mostly ripe pear and apple — and finishes clean with fruit flavor and refreshing acidity.

Again, I’m far from a Champagne expert, but I definitely enjoyed this wine and would most definitely drink it again or serve it at a party. Oddly enough, I made some hot chocolate last night for Nena and popped a mashmallow in my mouth, then took a sip of this bubbly. It was pretty eye opening. I think Champagne will find its way into a dessert pairing at our house one of these days.

And yes, I’ll be posting a picture tonight when I got home. I took one last night but didn’t have time to pull it off of the camera.

Thanks to Sam for hosting this 25th vintage of Wine Blogging Wednesday. Keep an eye out on your favorite food and wine blogs for a post announcing the 26th in coming days!