Canvas_prototypeLong Island has more than its share of publications — too many in fact (and this coming from a guy who writes or has written for several of them). So many of them are the same — too many advertisements and too few interesting stories.

Long Island’s newest magazine, canvas, is a little different. For one, the production value is through the roof compared to so many of the ad-supported papers in these parts.

Two, the editor isn’t some just-out-of-college rookie or crazy person without any real talent. canvas’ editor, Ramin Ganeshram is an experienced journalist, editor and cookbook author with strong ideals and integrity.

Of course, I may be a little biased. A good friend of mine is the associate publisher and I’m working on the project as well. But, bias or no, I’d never laud — or participate — in a project I didn’t believe in.

Check out their preview issue. And keep an eye out for their official launch in December.