Posts Written OnOctober 26, 2006

Baby Food Cookbooks — Any Recommendations?

As you all know, Nena and I are expecting our first child in early February. With that in mind, I’ve asked Nena to buy me a baby food cookbook for Xmas and she was happy to oblige…until she looked around. Apparently there are hundreds of them and shopping online, they all look pretty much the same. Can any of the parental types who read LENNDEVOURS offer some suggestions? Tasty and healthy are what we’re going for here.

Are Food and Wine Too Big a Part of My Life?

Are they? I say no. They are my primary hobbies and hey, we all need hobbies right? The reason I ask is actually related to Christmas. My family is big on gift-giving and we basically work off of Xmas lists every year. Yes, I’m 31 and I still make a formal list for Santa! I’m also notorious for putting off the creation of said list until the last minute — particularly when you consider the fact that Nena and I will be in Pittsburgh over Thanksgiving to celebrate both holidays with my family back home. True to form, here I…