Posts Written OnNovember 21, 2006

Wines for the Days After Thanksgiving

You’re read all of the recommendations for what to drink with Thanksgiving dinner. Any magazine or newspaper has run a story already. But what about the leftovers on Friday, Saturday and Sunday? I’ve got a few suggestions. First, remember that most, post-Thanksgiving meals are more casual affairs than the day itself, so you won’t want to serve that special $100 bottle. You probably don’t want to ‘waste’ that wine on your family anyway, right? If you are making turkey sandwiches, try a dry, or even off-dry rose’. With fresh acidity, light-to-medium body and bright berry flavors, it’s a great combination…

Wine Blogging Wednesday Updates

I hate to admit, but I’m a little behind with all the goings on with Wine Blogging Wednesday, so here’s the latest: Kitchen Chick has posted the round up for Ice Ice Baby (WBW #27) Brenda over at Culinary Fool has also announced WBW #28, which will focus on sparklers other than Champagne. As always, if you’d like to host a future edition of the Internet’s premier wine tasting event, send me an email.