Please join me in welcoming The Greene Grape wine company to LENNDEVOURS as a site sponsor.

Founded in April 2004, with a store in Manhattan and a store in Brooklyn, they strive to provide everyday wines made with integrity, skill and pride. I first became familiar with the company through an article in a food magazine. Their passion for hand-crafted, affordable wines impressed me and I’m more than excited to have them on board.

But the new sponsorship is only a fraction of the excitement this brings. This is a true partnership between LENNDEVOURS and The Greene Grape. I know that many of you read this blog but can’t get your hands on the wines I write about and love so much. That’s all about to change.

Starting in December, we’ll be working together to create Lenn Thompson’s Best of New York Wine Club. Every month, I’ll select one or two bottles of New York wine and Greene Grape will be offering them at special pricing. And, you can either buy the wines each month, or you can enroll in the monthly club and they’ll be sent to you every month.

U.S. shipping laws being what they are, they can’t ship to IN, KT, MD, NH, PA TN or UT, but hopefully we can change that in the future. And lest any of you ethics police out there worry, I’m not making a cent off of the wine sales or club enrollment.  I’m just excited to be able to offer more of you the wines I’m so passionate about.

Stay tuned for information on the first wine club offering!