Wine Blogging Wednesday is here yet again, with Brenda aka the Culinary Fool playing the role of hostess with the mostest.

The theme — Sparkling Wine not from Champagne.

I love many of the local sparklers here on Long Island. Our relatively cool growing conditions seem to lend themselves to the craft of methode champenoise.

But which bubbly to choose for WBW? A new release caught my eye…and my palate as well.

Martha Clara Vineyards, named after Martha Clara Entenmann (of Entenmann bakery fame), might be best known for their always-fun events and always-packed tasting room, but winemaker Gilles Martin has been raising the quality of the wines as well.

Sure, they still make the ever-popular and sweet Bernie (the beagle) rose and some other wines geared towards the white zinfandel set, but those wines are becoming the exception to the rule. And, with a set of new sparklers just released Martin has made New Year’s Eve wine shopping easy. Just go to their tasting room and pick them all up.

Perhaps the lightest coppery-pink I’ve ever seen, Martha Clara Vineyards 2001 Brut Rose ($25) is made with both chardonnay and pinot noir — traditional all the way.

More fruity and a bit richer smelling than Martin’s non-vintage Brut or 2001 Blanc de Blanc, the nose has a little toasty-bisquity character, but cherries and citrus dominate the nose.

Dry, but just a little soft around the edge, the flavors of cherries and raspberries live within a slightly fuller-bodied frame. A delightful, fun sparkler that I’d definitely drink again…and again.

A hearty thanks to Brenda for hosting this edition of WBW. Stay tuned for the January announcement!