Gary_cupHis special, fancy, better-then-Riedel crystal wine-tasting cup that is.

I’ve long been a fan of Gary Vaynerchuk’s Wine Library TV. He clearly knows his wine, but he’s not the stuffy, snobby kind of wine lover that I hate. Those types of people ruin wine for the rest of us.

Gary wants to bring wine to the masses by making it approachable, fun and not so damn serious.

His latest edition illustrates this nicely, as he tosses aside his usual wine glasses and instead uses a vintage (1990) Simpson’s plastic cup from Burger King.

This episode is also your last chance to see Gary’s playoff beard, which he had to shave off because Chad Pennington can’t throw the ball further than 10 feet. Okay, maybe Chad isn’t the only one to blame, but I like bashing him for some reason. Gary’s a Jets fan, but we still like him here on LENNDEVOURS.  In fact, we’re talking about doing a videocast together next season at a tailgate party when my beloved Steelers travel to Jersey to take on Gang Green. Stay tuned for more details.

And, if you’re a Gary Groupie, you can even buy the special, fancy tasting glass on eBay.