I don’t mean any offense to Jack or anyone else who believes strongly in biodynamic farm practices. Really I don’t and I think that there are some great wines being made with biodynamic-grown grapes. Anyone who has tasted any can see that.

But I don’t buy into the benefit some of the more ‘hocus pocus’ techniques. Maybe it’s the former scientist in me. I was a biology major after all. I’m all for organic and sustainable farming. The benefits to the land, environment and those living there are obvious and much more provable. In my mind, biodynamic gets a little to close to the of practices of Merlin or David Copperfield, even if it gives wineries a hot and well-received marketing hook–also known as their ‘story.’ Of course, I think that marketing hook often leads to the attitude that conventional growers somehow care less about their vines, land or grapes. That’s bs.

Anyway, this is Wine Blogging Wednesday, so I’m going to get off of my soap box. I’m not anti-biodynamics after all. I’m just not a believer. Maybe one day someone will convince me.

So, for WBW this time around, Jack and Joanne asked us to seek a wine made from biodynamically grown grapes, even going so far as to serve up a master list of wineries that qualify. And, lucky for me, Shinn Estate Vineyards, right here on the North Fork is on the list, so I chose their 2004 Cabernet Franc.

The nose on this deep ruby red wine is slightly more complex and nuanced than many local cab francs (and you know I love them), showing intense red raspberry fruit with toasty oak, vanilla, spice, violet and orange zest. The palate is rich and flavorful with red raspberries, red cherries, tangerine, vanilla and sweet oak. The tannins are soft, the mid-palate round and mouth-filling. The finish is relatively long for the variety with a spicy note at the end.

I’m curious to see how this wine evolves with some further cellar time. At $38, one would expect some longevity. 175 cases produced.

Price: $38
Grapes: Cabernet Franc
AVA: North Fork of Long Island