Posts Written OnFebruary 20, 2007

You Want Jackson…You Got Him

I’ve gotten several emails over the past two days looking for at least one more picture of the newest member of the LENNDEVOURS team, Jackson. We here at LENNDEVOURS always aim to please our readers, so with that in mind, I present to you my favorite picture so far. Luckily, he gets his looks from his mother. Jackson and mommy are both doing great. And daddy is back at his day job full-time again. It sucks, but there are bills to be paid. We’ll resume regular, New York wine, programming this evening.

canvas Magazine Book Giveaway

Do you have a great ethnic recipe to share? How about a tip for taking better care of your animal companion? If you do, canvas magazine wants to know! Post a recipe in the comments under the story World of Flavor at Your Door story. If your recipe is chosen, you’ll win a copy of Nancie McDermott’s Quick & Easy Vietnamese: 75 Everyday Recipes. If you have a holistic pet healthcare tip, post it in the comments under Better Care for Your Best Friend  and you might win a copy of A Holistic Approach to Pet Care By William L.…

Is Wine X’s Editor a Crybaby?

Mark Fisher, a friend of LENNDEOVURS and owner of Uncorked wrote an interesting post this morning in response to a story about  the demise of Wine X magazine and its editor’s complaints that the wine industry’s ignorance and short-sightedness doomed the magazine to failure after eight years. Mark, never one to pull punches, refers to the editor as a crybaby and I tend to agree after reading the piece. Is the wine industry often snobby, uppity, stuffy and "old school"? Yes. But I expect that anyone with the ambition to start a wine magazine would recognize that from the…