LibnmastheadI missed this while I was out of the blogging game for a couple weeks, but Jeff Miller of Long Island Business News wrote a piece about Lisa Granik’s semi-recent op-ed in the New York Times.

I’m heavily quoted in the piece, even though I wasn’t interviewed directly. Instead, Miller  used quotes from my own response to the op-ed. He also used information from responses sent to the Times by local vintners.

Regardless, his story sure doesn’t make Ms. Granik look like she knows what she’s talking about–particularly given the quote from Richard Olsen-Harbich (who also contributes to this blog) that Miller uses to close the story:

“It is presented after one of the most successful years ever for Long
Island wine -– from top reviews in the Wine Spectator and Robert Parker,
record sales in winery tasting rooms and to a record number of
placements on Manhattan’s best wine lists. Excuse me, what planet has
this woman been living on?”

Read the full story.

Note: I’ve linked to the Google cache version of the story because the LIBN still thinks you should be a print subscriber to view their website. I guess they still think that it’s 1997.