Episode191New York Wines are Taking Over The World!

Overstated, sure. But the wines I am so passionate about are working their way around the Internet pretty nicely.

On today’s episode of Wine Library TV everyone’s favorite Chad Pennington wannabe tastes wines from the New York Cork Club’s February shipment.

When I found that that Gary, who surely has a better arm that Pennington, was going to taste the wines, I was excited. I don’t think he’s featured any NY wines on his uber-popular vlog. But would he like them? Would he think these wines like Joe Namath…or would they be complete busts like Blair Thomas?

Watch it right now and find out.

Tomorrow I’ll be announcing March’s selections for the NYCC. What are you waiting for? Sign up today!

Oh and you can ignore Gary’s derogatory remarks about your favorite New York wine blogger. Jealousy will do that to a man. After all, when did the New York Jets last win a championship?

Yeah, that’s what I thought.