Rosenblum_02_monterossozinNena and I first tasted this wine during the best meal we had in the Bay Area last summer. In fact, this bottle was a gift from Alder at the end of the meal.

But, as you may remember, Nena was pregnant at the time and when we got back to Long Island, I was given strict orders "Do not drink that bottle of wine without me." So into the wine fridge it went. And I had to wait. And wait and wait.

I wanted to open this wine on several occasions before this weekend. Nena had dreams about this wine during her pregnancy.

We’re both glad that I didn’t open it sooner.

I didn’t take any notes, but this is the single best bottle of wine I’ve had in a long time. Rich, robust and powerful (16.6% abv) it–somehow–exhibits amazing balance. The flavors range from chocolate to currant to raisins to caramel to black pepper to raspberry to molasses. If I had taken notes, I’d have had to scribble on more than one page.

And it was also a special bottle of wine because it marked the return of my tasting partner to full-time LENNDEVOURS duty. Welcome back and I love you 🙂

I always say that any wine can be heightened by a great setting. Take a great wine and a great setting, and you’re in for quite an experience.

Now I’m off to scour the Internet for more of this wine.

Regular programming (New York wines) will commence tomorrow. And thank you, Alder, for this bottle.