Posts Written OnMarch 05, 2007

Heard Through the Grape Vine: D’Latte Vineyards?

I’ve heard an unconfirmed rumor from a couple different unnamed sources that the owner of D’Latte Uncorked, an upscale deli/wine bar in Greenport, is planning to plant a vineyard on the North Fork with tight row spacing, build a winery on the premises and use a local winemaker as a consultant. Does anyone know anything about this? I’m going to call the deli when I get home tonight, but I’m wondering if any of my "insider" readers have heard anything about this endeavor. Either way, check back soon for more information–I hope.

One Last

As winter slows and we look to spring, LENNDEVOURS’ Poet Laureate, Christopher Watkins presents a piece about what this time means for grape vines that have been sleeping during the cold months. One LastBy Christopher Watkins One last hurl of winterfor the sleeping vinesto unknowingly withstand; One last morningof vivid, blinding beauty—sunlight caroming off snow slicks—and the dirty days that followas the oily trucks tattoothe banks built upalong the salted roads; One last fire for warmth; One last reminderthat the world’s not at our mercy,that our mercy’s what we plead forat the door of Mother Nature’s busy home—darkened by our…