Wine Blogging Wednesday is heading into it’s 32nd edition on April 11 and the theme is one that I’m really looking forward to–Regular vs. Reserve.

The premise is simple, buy two bottles of the same varietal from the same producer, one the ‘regular’ bottling and the other the ‘reserve’ and see how the juice inside those bottles differ. Which do you prefer? Is the ‘reserve’ bottling worth the higher price?

I expect that we’ll see a wide array of wines involved and I hope that a lot of people participate. Reserve wines can be expensive, but you can also find affordable pairs as well. I’d never suggest anyone drink them, but you could get a regular Yellow Tail Shiraz for $6 and the reserve for $11.

Keep in mind that things like "estate selection", "proprietor’s reserve" and "winemaker series" can also indicate a reserve bottling.

I’m going to try to do at least a couple different producers for this one…and I might even be able to do three or four "levels" of one local winery, which produces four different merlots that range from $12 all the way up to $125.

Join us April 11.