When it comes to great Long Island wine vintages 2005 very well may prove to be the best of all time.

But, before there was 2005, there was 2001. And, before there was 2001, there was 1995.

Of course, I’ve only tasted a couple wines from the 1995 vintage. I’ve only been living on Long Island for seven years or so, and have only been serious about the wines for three.

And here I am, really wanting to explore this vintage–especially the red wines. As such, I’ve been sending emails all over the place trying to get my hands on some 1995 wines.

So far I have a couple from Bedell Cellars and one from Wolffer Estate on the way. A couple other wineries are going to let me know what is available soon. But, I thought that you, my readers, my have some tips on where I can find these wines as well.

Stay tuned, because I think this is going to be one heck of a tasting once I get it pulled together. I may even invite a few of you to join me!