I sit here Saturday morning a tired man, but a happy one. The project at my day job that has consumed me almost completely for so long has finally launched and while there is still a lot of post-mortem work to do, it feels good to look forward.

I’m also a happy man today because I’ll be spending a lot of time with Jackson both today and tomorrow. You see, his mommy has class all weekend, so I’m dipping my toes into the Mr. Mom pool. He’s a good boy, so I’m sure it will go swimmingly.

Lastly, I’m happy for the return to normalcy. I hope to be able to re-devote my evenings to all things vinocological, including this here blog. I’m very behind in writing up wines I’ve tasted, so you can expect a fair number of WTNs in coming weeks. I’m also planning a migration to Word Press that I hope will make LENNDEVOURS even better than it is today. If anyone has any tips for such a migration, please let me know.

The calm after the storm is always a time and place that I enjoy. It gives us time to reflect on what we’ve accomplished, take inventory and also ponder the future. Hopefully we’ll all enjoy that future together.