Fullbin_2As you probably know, I made ten or so cases of cabernet franc in 2006. Bottling was delayed a couple weeks ago, but is should commence soon. Then, the wine will hopefully be ready just in time for Thanksgiving dinner.

But that’s the past. This post is about the future.

For the 2007 vintage, I’d like to open it up to a few of you to join me in making some wine. Depending on who wants to join in and what they want to do, we may do another Chinon-style cab franc, but we could potentially do a merlot or a even a red blend. That’s to be determined.

The group would  be involved in all facets of the winemaking project. We’ll out and tend to the vines all summer, pick the grapes in the fall and, depending on the wine, do the blending etc.

Obviously I can’t have 15 people involved, but I don’t see any reason why I can’t have 5 or more people join me.

If you’re interested, shoot me an email ASAP so I can start getting the project rolling.