Wolffer_bigapplewine07For whatever reason, there are a lot of wine lovers (snobs?) who turn their noses up at fruit wines. Maybe it’s because I live in a state where quite a few are made, but I’ve found some great fruit wines–including this one.

No, I’m not saying that this is some earth-shattering wine that will change your life, age for ten-plus years or anything like that.  It’s made with 20% Ida Red, 18% Golden Delicious, 18% Fuji, 17%
Jona Gold, 10% Empire, 8.5% Gold Rush, 8.5% Breaburn apples, all grown by the
Halseys of White Cap Farm in Bridgehampton.

But, at just over 7% ABV, with clean, sweet apple flavor and gentle but playful acidity, it’s seems like a great foil for cured meats, olives and cheese. And of course there are also the culinary uses in the kitchen–apple vinaigrette, pan sauces….yum.

So, don’t be a snob. Taste everything and anything once for yourself, including this one.

For more info or to order, visit the Wolffer website.