Posts Written OnApril 27, 2007

Whole Foods Market Coming to Lake Grove?

For a while now, it’s been rumored that the SportsPlus is going out of business and that Whole Foods will take over the building. Well, an unnamed source that I have in the local commercial real estate business confirmed it yesterday. This is awesome news. I drive about an hour each way to their Jericho store now and this new one would only be 10-15 minutes…with traffic! I have calls and emails in to both Whole Foods and SportsPlus to further confirm the rumor. Hopefully I’ll get a timeframe as well.

Beer Podcast: Crop Circle Ale and More

By Contributing Columnist Donavan Hall I hope you all enjoyed the last installment of the Long Island beer and malt podcast, The Daily Catch. This week I’m joined by Rich Thatcher, fellow beer and whiskey enthusiast and contributor to Catch & Release (my blog) where he writes about whiskey and Long Island restaurants. Rich and I talk with Dudley Cates, the man behind Crop Circle Ale.  We caught up with Dudley out in front of Shoreline Beverage in Huntington.  It’s not just a cool name for a beer, it’s brewed with malted barely from the fields in England where the…