Posts Written OnMay 02, 2007

Why do YOU drink local?

Obviously I drink a lot of local wines, and I can only assume that a lot of you do as well, be them wines from Long Island, California, France, wherever you live. I’m working on a piece about why I drink local, but I’d love to hear why you drink local. What is it about the wines made near your house that draw you in and make you keep going back for more? Leave a comment and tell me!

East End Oenophile in Edible East End

The spring issue of Edible East End will hit the streets later this week, and this is particularly fun for me because it marks the debut of my new column "East End Oenophile." Once they update their website with the new issue, I’ll be sure to point to the piece, which will always focus on interesting Long Island wines and wine industry happenings. This issue has a lot of great wine writing in it actually, with a two other features on the local wine world. I am also doing a column for Edible Brooklyn starting with the spring issue. We’re…

“May” by Christopher Watkins

By Christopher Watkins In a warm kitchen in Stony Brook,above a heated stove,a bearded chef keeps two eyes fastenedto a metal pot,but the water doesn’t boil. On a platform in Port Jefferson,dampened by the rain,a small, young woman keeps raisingher jacketed wrist to glare againat her watch,but the train doesn’t come. On a grass patch beside the two-lane,just past Wading River,four young men in jeans and capssprawl around a bus stop,trying to make their coffees lastuntil the bus finally arrives. And in a vineyard off Sound Avenue,as tractors hulk in silence in the first hues of the dawn,a sturdy figure…