Posts Written OnMay 03, 2007

A Sustainability Study

By Contributing Columnist Richard Olsen-Harbich Most people understand the general concept of “organic,” especially as it applies to the food we eat. But lately in the Long Island wine community, the “buzz” is all about sustainability. The question on a lot of people’s minds is—what exactly does this mean? The concept of sustainable agriculture grew out of the early organic movement and became fine tuned during the late 1980s. In 1989, the American Agronomy Society adopted the following definition for sustainable agriculture: "A sustainable agriculture is one that, over the long term, enhances environmental quality and the resource base on…

WTN: Domaine CC 2006 Rose (North Fork)

Like most any American wine region, there are almost as many styles of rose being made on Long Island as there are wineries. You have some that are almost full bodied, big, soft and round on the palate and as dark as some light reds. You also have much lighter wines that are fresh, crisp and definitely much more like white wines. Personally, I almost always prefer the latter style. I like my rose to have high, but balanced, acidity, fresh fruit flavors and maybe even a little floral character. Corey Creek Vineyards‘ latest rose, their 2006 Domaine CC Rose…

Pre-Bud Break at Peconic Bay Vineyards

Matt and Jen at Peconic Bay Winery sent me this picture this morning. It was taken last evening in their vineyard on Route 25 near the winery. These are vines that are so close to bud break it’s ridiculous. I’m always looking for nice shots of East End wine country. So, if you take any great pictures when you’re visiting the wineries, please do send them along. And, in the next couple of days, I’ll be announcing yet another new contributor to LENNDEVOURS…this time a photographer.