Yeah, so I’m a day late with this post, but we had a busy weekend…mostly celebrating Nena’s first Mother’s Day. Some weekend highlights include:

  • Stopping at Roanoke Vineyards for their De Rosa launch party. De Rosa is the name of their rose wine (it’s named for the owner’s grandmother). Fresh, crisp and much much better than the 2005, we bought a few bottles to enjoy on hot days.
  • After picking up some flowers, we also stopped at Corey Creek Vineyards for a glass of wine. Nena is really loving their 2006 Domaine CC rose, so she had that. I went with a glass of the 06 gewurztraminer. I keep coming back to that wine lately. Corey Creek has a great back patio overlooking the vines.
  • We, of course, stopped at Sang Lee Farms to pick up some of their ‘petal mesclun’ (a mix of fresh mixed greens with edible flower petals) which is our all-time favorite salad mix.
  • Briermere Farms makes some of the best pies around and we stopped in to pick one up for Mother’s Day. Nena, being the mother and all, chose the blackberry. I’m a big fan of anything peach that they make in the summer.

Happy Mother’s Day to Nena and to my mom and grandmothers!