Choczuke_2 Tomorrow, Chocolate & Zucchini: Daily Adventures in a Parisian Kitchen will hit bookshelves for the first time, and I couldn’t be happier for its author Clotilde Dusoulier. Yes that Clotilde, the fun, hungry writer behind the Chocolate & Zucchini blog.

She’s actually in New York City tomorrow for a book signing that kicks off her U.S. publicity tour.

Why do I bring a Parisian blogger’s book release on a New York-focused wine blog? It’s simple, I did the wine pairings for the book…without relying on my New York expertise.

It was a lot of fun and Clotilde was very complimentary both in her acknowledgments and in a brief note about the pairings.

I’m also excited because I’ve seen the recipes in many iterations as we worked on the pairings, and let me tell you…there are some very tasty morsels to be had here. Some of the recipes will probably make you step back and say "Really? That goes together?" but they do. And I think we came up with some great wines to go with.

Buy a copy today…seeing blogger books succeed gives me hope that maybe one day the book or five that I’ve got knocking around in my head will come to fruition.