Posts Written OnJune 04, 2007

Long Island Sauvignon Blanc in the New York Times

In yesterday’s New York Times, Howard Goldberg offers a nice roundup of Long Island sauvignon blanc. This is, I think, one of Goldberg’s best pieces in a while. He tasted, I assume blindly, a wide array of local sauvignon and ranks them. I don’t think that I’ve had all of the wine mentioned, but for the ones that I have had my rankings would be very similar. I’d probably move the Macari up a notch  but otherwise, I think I agree almost completely. Sauvignon blanc plays second fiddle to chardonnay way too often around here. I really think we’re going…

Vineyard Visuals: Wolffer Estate Through the Growing Season

This is going to be fun. Ellen Watson, our resident photographer, has decided to visit and re-visit the same spot in Wolffer Estate’s vineyard every few weeks throughout the growing season. This picture was taken yesterday (June 3) and it’s already remarkably different from the picture taken on May 20. I’ve also started a Flickr slideshow, that eventually should be a pretty cool click-through.