Posts Written OnJune 12, 2007

Quick WTN: Weingut Kunstler 1009 Domdechaney Riesling Trocken (Rheingau)

Contrary to popular belief we in the LENNDEVOURS house do drink wines that aren’t from  New York State…including quite a few German rieslings, which are among our favorites. Of course, sometimes I just don’t feel like pulling out my tasting notebook and taking actualy notes, like with this bottle from Weingut Kunstler, which we enjoyed with a dinner of good bread, cheeses and cured meats. I was going to save this wine for an upcoming WBW (there’s a hint for you) but it was a recent gift and he told us it was tasting well right now. Usually, you expect…

Eat Local: Garden of Eve Eggs

I love eggs. In fact, they are among my favorite foods and I eat them several times a week for breakfast. But first time a local egg really caught my attention as something special was at Blue Hill at Stone Barns, where a slow-cooked, soft boiled egg from right outside the restaurant topped a salad and was easily the star. Since then, I’ve tried buying eggs from a couple farm stands out east, but they weren’t that much better than "sweat shop eggs" (Random Seinfeld reference). But, last weekend we stopped at Garden of Eve organic farm on the North…

Don’t Forget: Tomorrow is Wine Blogging Wednesday #34

Just a quick reminder to go out and get some Washington State Cabernet Sauvignon for Wine Blogging Wednesday #34. Bonus points if you can find one from Walla Walla. The Walla Walla Wine Woman is hosting this time ’round, so it’s certainly not shock that she wants us to drink wines from her neck of the woods. Even here on Long Island, my options were limited at several local wine shops, but I didn’t resort to Columbia Crest or anything like that. Tune in tomorrow to see what cab I came up with.