Kunstler_97rieslingkabContrary to popular belief we in the LENNDEVOURS house do drink wines that aren’t from  New York State…including quite a few German rieslings, which are among our favorites.

Of course, sometimes I just don’t feel like pulling out my tasting notebook and taking actualy notes, like with this bottle from Weingut Kunstler, which we enjoyed with a dinner of good bread, cheeses and cured meats.

I was going to save this wine for an upcoming WBW (there’s a hint for
you) but it was a recent gift and he told us it was tasting well right

Usually, you expect German riesling to be very light bodied and delicate, but this one is anything but. That’s not to say that it’s heavy, but there is definitely a boldness and body that is unique. It’s dry (which is what trocken means) and, despite it’s relative age, still incredibly balanced and fresh tasting.

The nose is minerally and floral and the palate is mouthwatering with delicious candied orange zest, orange blossoms, honey and a little petrol.

This is actually one of the few rieslings I’ve had with 10 years of bottle age…and it makes me want to hold onto several of the bottles I have in my cellar. Will they age as well? Hard to say, but that’s part of the fun, right?

Note: I dug the bottle out of the recycling bin and took this picture of the back.