Posts Written OnJuly 01, 2007

What wine would you pair with sour cream and onion potato chips?

We’re still upstate visiting my in-laws, but I was thinking last night as I stuck my hand into a bag of sour cream and onion potato chips: What wine would go with these? I didn’t have my wine cellar at my disposal, so I wasn’t table to test any theories, but I was thinking that gruner veltliner or sauvignon blanc would work. Both have the acidity to stand up to the greasy fried chips and the herbaceousness to complement the fake onion flavors. What would you drink with these chips?

New York Cork Club: July Selections

It’s the first day of July and as we head into the holiday week (if only we had the whole week off of work, right?) it’s time once again to let you know what coming next for members of the New York Cork Club. This month, I’ve chosen two unique wines that you’ve probably never heard about, let alone tasted. First is the Macari Vineayrds 2005 Malbec ($22). Merlot gets most of the attention in these parts, but over the past couple of years a couple varietally bottled malbecs have really impressed me — both for their quality and their…

Gary Vaynerchuk’s a Filthy Jets Fan…but Time Magazine Doesn’t Care

A big shout out this morning to Gary Vaynerchuk of Wine Library TV, a man who continues to grow his empire. What’s up this time? He’s featured in Time Magazine. It’s a great little piece…funny and engaging just like Gary himself. I’ve often joked with Gary that he’s a PR floozy and he admits as much saying "I want to be famous." I’ve told you before about how much I enjoy Gary’s video blog but it appears that most of America will be watching it soon. Okay, maybe not all of America, but anyone with a pulse and an IQ…