In case you missed it, the good doctor has posted the roundup for Wine Blogging Wendesday #37 Go Native. And, I’m happy and proud to report that a record 52 entries were submitted. Thanks, Tyler, for hosting and for drumming up so many participants. Perhaps our new event portal has helped as well.

And, the WBW train keeps moving forward as well, with one of my favorite blogs, Catavino hosting. For anyone who knows Ryan and Gabriella, it should come as no shock that they have chosen Portuguese wines for the them, but with a few caveats.

I’m not going to ruin the surprise rules, but they are going to make it a challenge for some to find wines that apply. I know that I have very few local places to get ANY wines from Portugal, but I’ll make it happen. Portugal is a country whose wines I’ve barely explored at all, so I’m looking forward to October’s event as an educational experience.