Samples Policy and Procedures

The New York Cork Report accepts samples and its wine reviews can appear as standalone reviews, in feature articles and as part of “Tasting Table” articles.

If you submit wines for review, our commitment to you is to objectively taste and review them and to provide our readers with as much information about the wines as possible. Wines will be tasted over the course of two or more days and often with and without food, more closely mimicking the way our readers actually drink wine.

With very few exceptions, if a wine is tasted in one of our formal tastings, it will appear on the site somewhere.

If you are interested in submitting samples for our review, please contact the editor or see our submission form.

Reviews and Rating System

We feel that while scores are valuable to consumers, they are merely a tool and cannot accurately convey the full experience of any wine. That is why you will see them at the end of our reviews, not as the lead.

Note: An * on a wine’s price indicates that the wine was received as a sample.

Corks (1-5)
What does it mean? 100-point equivalent
5 Extraordinary, Can’t Recommend it More 97-100
4-half   94-96


Outstanding and Delicious, Highly Recommended 90-93
3-half   88-89
3  Very Good, Recommended 85-87
2-half   80-84
2  Average 78-79
1-half   75-77
1  Not Recommended 74 or fewer