Posts Written OnOctober 18, 2007

WTNs: Pellegrini Vineyards’ New and Upcoming Releases (North Fork of Long Island)

I tell anyone who will listen that they should try new wines whenever possible. That’s how we learn about new regions, grapes and winemakers. It’s how we expand our wine knowledge and grow as wine drinkers. But, that doesn’t mean that we can’t — and shouldn’t — come back to long-time favorites as well. Pellegrini Vineyards — and its Vinter’s Pride Encore — are just the kind of favorites worth coming back to. It was one of the first red blends I tasted on Long Island and remains one that I enjoy every time I taste it, regardless of vintage.…

Heard in a Tasting Room: Macari Vineyards

A reader who works at Macari Vineyards passed this funny story along: "At the beginning of harvest, when we were bringing in the chardonnay, of course the fruit flies followed. When doing tastings they hovered as unfortunately is the norm. I apologized to some guests, stating the extra protein was gratis….and one really nice young man replied "It’s okay with me, but how do the vegetarians feel?"