By Donavan Hall, Beer Columnist

Casknight1mikeA little over a month ago I told you about the first "Firkin Friday" at Deks in Rocky Point. We had a good turn out of local beer enthusiasts to sample a Long Island-brewed, cask-conditioned ale.

I snapped this pic of my brewing colleague, Mike, taking the first sip of the first pint of Blue Point Oatmeal Stout at our first Cask Night. That’s the back end of the firkin on the right.

Dean and Kevin (the owners of Deks) are going to host another Firkin Friday on the 9th of November. Mark your calendar. It’s on the Long Island Beer Calendar already.

Keep you eye on my new beer-focused blog, The Beer Hall, because I’ll be telling you what the cask is when we finally secure a supplier. I wish I could tell you now, but we want to get you a really, really fresh cask.

It’s important to get a good turn out for these events since pub landlords are only going to order casks if it is lucrative for them to do so. We can help foster a rich beer culture here on Long Island by supporting such efforts as bringing real ale out this far on the Island.

If you aren’t so sure why cask conditioned ale is any different or more special than regular tap (or bottled) beer, then check out my guide to "Real Ale."  Hope to see you there!

Editor’s note: I’m planning to attend this event as well, so if you (for whatever reason) want to have a beer together, join us.