Briney_beagleWe got back last night and I didn’t check email at all until this morning. That means that I actually survived 4 days without the Internet.

I only had the shakes for about 4 hours on the third day.

Our weekend in Montauk was great. The weather was either beautiful (Thursday, Friday and Sunday) or fun to watch (Hurricane Noel moved north past the island on Saturday). There was plenty of good food (and bad) and also lots of good wine to be had with our friends and family. Yes, family. Nena didn’t know they were coming, but her family came down from Albany to surprise her Saturday. It all went off without a hitch.

The name of the beach house we rented was actually "The Briney Beagle" and while our own little beagle Ben was nervous the first day or so, he seemed to enjoy his stay.

More to come in coming days, including some killer Italian reds we enjoyed and terrific seafood at Inlet Seafood.