Most of my blogging focuses the wines of New York State. They are wines that I’m more excited and passionate about and you know that I drink local whenever possible.

But, there are interesting and delicious wines being made throughout the United States and Canada. There are even a few in California. And it’s time that I start to explore those a bit more as well.

And, because I’ve signed on as a guide for Appellation America’s Wine Explorer Society, I have a vehicle in which to discover wines from all the off-beat and up-and-coming North American regions. The Wine Explorer Society is a free-membership online community where you can discover and even acquire wines from throughout North America.

I’ll be scouring the entire continent to find the best, most unique wines from wineries you probably haven’t  heard of yet — and sharing them with you in a bi-weekly newsletter. You won’t be reading about characterless, mass-produced wines from California either (but you knew that already, right).

Instead I’ll be introducing you unusual varietals, lesser-known regions, down-right obscure wines that I’m enjoying at home. I’m already planning to explore Michigan riesling, Virginia viognier and the wines of Texas and Colorado.

If that sounds like something you’re into, sign up to be a member of my Wine Explorer Society today.

Membership is free and there’s a great rewards program, where you can earn points for future purchases. It’s all about exploring new wines, and your Wine Explorer Passport is your ticket to discovery.

Sign up today. Like I said, it doesn’t cost you anything. It’s something I’m looking forward to doing.