Posts Written OnDecember 07, 2007

Next Week: The 12 Long Island Wines of Christmas

I don’t do a lot of "top 10" lists here on LENNDEVOURS. It’s just so hard for me to pare down my favorite things to such a short list. But, with the holidays under way and the shopping season in full swing, I’ve had a few people ask me for help on what local wines make the best gives and a list of my "favorite" Long Island wines of the year. Come back next week to see my 12 Long Island Wines of Christmas, the wines that I’m enjoying the most and most excited about. Think of it as the…

“December Sonnet” by Christopher Watkins

By Poet Laureate Christopher Watkins December SonnetNow the corn mazes truly are frightening;bedraggled hulking husks of a sinister thinness,looming and swaying over the tamped-down pathslittered with their fallen hides —ochre’d in the early winter darkness,they rustle at the unsympathetic winds,conspiratorial whispersinterwoven with the harsh hiss of the season.  What child now dares lose themselvesamong these rasping ghouls, whose shroudscome peeling off in leprous strips? What child nowdares enter this maze of death? What child? None!For what they truly seek is not a fright,but to be startled by delight.