Fleur06psWell, it’s Friday and I’m finally getting around to posting my entry for Wine Blogging Wednesday #40, hosted by everyone’s favorite Wannabe Wino. Of course, is she really just a wannabe? Some would say not.

But anyway, her theme Que Sirah SIrah, asked us to turn our palates towards a grape that is sometimes overlooked, Petite Sirah.

My experience with PS has mostly been relegated to Bogle’s $10 version, which I’ve alway enjoyed as a value wine for with grilled foods. My pathetic local wine shops just don’t stock much of the stuff beyond that. So, I had to do some searching online and eventually I found this bottle from Greene Grape in Brooklyn.  I ordered a couple bottles just in case I really liked it.

Did I? Yeah, I liked it. I’m not going to order more, probably, but I did enjoy it.

I liked that it didn’t seem as heavily oaked as the Bogle. I think this wine gives you the opportunity to really taste the grape. And, at 13.8% ABV, I knew I wouldn’t be knocked over. I’m used to 12.5% in these parts.

It was dark purple-black in the glass with a decent nose of blackberries, blueberries and spice. The palate is hefty but not overly brawny. There is definitely a juiciness to it to go along with gently gripping tannin. The flavors closely match the nose with the spice coming through mostly as black pepper. With a little time in my glass, I picked up some dark chocolate flavors too.

Overall, it’s tasty, if simple, and like I said before, I’d enjoy it with burgers or even steak fajitas hot off the grill. I’d give this wine  25
(2.5 out of 5 | Average-to-Very Good).

A big thanks goes out to our host this month. It was a great theme and one that has attracted a lot of new participants…which is awesome.