Lenz_01cuveeThis post is a part of my 12 Long Island Wines for Christmas series
that will run from now until Christmas 2007. See the entire series here.

I can’t have a mixed case of Long Island wine for Christmas without including some bubbly can I? I knew that I had to include some sparkle to the 12 Long Island Wines of Christmas, but I wasn’t sure which to include.

You rarely hear about Long Island’s sparklers, but there are several terrific ones, many of them made by Eric Fry. At first I was going to choose his Lenz 1994 RD (recenty disgorged) bottling, but I’m looking at this list as a buying guide too, and I’m afraid that there is just too much yeasty funk for many drinkers out there.

Instead, I’ve decided to include his Lenz 2001 Cuvee ($30), a new release that made with 70% pinot noir and 30%
chardonnay, the classic grapes of Champagne.

It features a fairly persistent mousse and fine bead. The
aromas are clean and fresh with fresh pear, apple and cherry aromas and
a faint, doughy yeast note. Dry and lively, there is a lot of apple flavor here with white cherry, dried cranberry and yeasty, toasty complexity.
The delicious, lengthy finish features with a crisp citrus note that definitely invites another sip.

I don’t eat oysters, but with the winter oyster season approaching, this seems perfect for them. Open it on Christmas to toast the holiday. Have it on New Year’s Eve. Drink it tomorrow just for the heck of it.