GreenwineDr. Vino, one of the best-known blogs and blog owners in the wine world has a real name. It’s Tyler Colman.

And, he is the author of an op-ed piece that was printed in today’s New York Times. In it, he discusses the carbon footprint of wine (he’s done a lot of research on the topic) and ultimate suggests that we all drink local this New Years.

You guys know that I’m in on that concept, heck, I doubt any blogger talks about drinking local more than I do, so I was glad to see Tyler get this important piece published in a place like the Times.

And, Tyler’s mention of the North Fork’s own Lieb Cellars Blanc de Blancs sparkling wine is a good one. It would have been wine #13 in my 12 Long Island Wines of Christmas had I expanded it to a baker’s dozen.