HappynewyearI’m not much for resolutions. I tend to have a hard time coming up with a short list of focused things I can commit to.

I’m not very good at keeping them either. As Nena often quips, I’m a man with many ideas and plans, but following through isn’t my forte.

But, that doesn’t mean that I don’t have  things I’m planning to accomplish  in the new year. So, here we go with a few things I’m thinking about these days:

More Reading. I’m a book lover. Nena would say that I have a problem, but I figure books are a good thing to be obsessed with, right? And, just like many other bloggers, I receive a fair number of food- and wine-related books from publishers. I’ve not always been great about reading them in a timely fashion. In 2008, I hope to change that.

More Writing Too.  With the newest, and youngest, member of the LENNDEVOURS team’s arrival, 2007 was a wonderful year. But it was also a year of many changes. First, I lost my office (it’s Jackson’s bedroom now). Then, I lost control over my own sleep schedule. My writing, both quantity and quality, no doubt suffered. But, now that the little guy is a little older, there’s no reason that I can’t devote more time to my craft. There might even be the beginnings of a book somewhere in my head. Long Island wine country needs a real book written about it, not a coffee table book written that is little more than pretty pictures and marketing fluff written by PR agencies.

A Visit to the Finger Lakes.
I’ve tasted a lot of Finger Lakes wines and I’ve interviewed several winemakers from the region, but (sadly) I’ve never been there myself. We hope to change that this spring. Stay tuned for information on our trip to central New York, hopefully in April.

Create an Online Guide to Long Island Wine Country. Yeah, I know. These sorts of sites already exist, but I can do it much much better. Most "guides" available now are little more than for-pay winery lists or winery-provided boilerplate copy. In other words, they aren’t very useful and don’t have the readers’ best interest in mind. I’ll be going way beyond that by writing about the wines (hoping to keep it up to date as they release new wines too) and also offer commentary on the tasting room experiences, an oft-ignored but important feature of any winery.

Work on "The Site." Many of you know that I have big plans in my mind for a new website. The wheels are in motion…just very slowly. Hopefully I can press down on the gas at least a little this year.