Posts Written OnFebruary 08, 2008

WTN: Channing Daughters Winery 2006 Blaufrankisch (The Hamptons)

Channing Daughters Winery, and its winemaker Chris Tracy, are known for doing things a little differently. Instead of talking Bordeaux, they talk about Northern Italy. Instead of focusing on merlot, white wines are the focus. And instead of growing (and making) mostly French varieties, they grow whatever grows best in their vineyards. Sometimes the novelty of their wines is just a gateway. It gets people interested in their wines and then the wines deliver above and beyond their novelty. But sometimes the wines don’t over-deliver. Sometimes they are just nice novelties. Nothing more. Nothing less. I’ve long been a fan…

Don’t Forget, Today is Firkin Friday at DEKS in Rocky Point, NY

Just a quick reminder that tonight is the night for Firkin Friday at DEKS restaurant in Rocky Point, NY. Tonight, starting at 6 p.m., a firkin of Oakham Bishops Farewell will be available on cask in the tap room. Several members of the  Long Island Malt and Beer Enthusiasts group will be there and we’re hoping for a big turn out. Hope to see some of you there.