I love my readers. You guys are the best.

Within minutes of Gary’s latest episode of Wine Library TV going live, I had a half dozen emails in my in box about it. As you can see above, he tasted Grapes of Roth 2002 Merlot on todays show and…well…he didn’t come away impressed.

He even went so far as to call it a "pedestrian effort" and he says he’s had several bottles of $25 Bordeaux that compare. Of course he also said that it’s built to age. Why would you want to age a pedestrian wine, Gary?

We all have our own tastes, but I have to say that his 86 score for this wine surprises me, mostly because Gary and I have similar palates. He digs the funky, the nuanced, and usually eschews fruit bombs and simple, sweet-tasting fruit. You guys know that that is how I roll too. But, I also happen to love this wine. Is it Long Island’s best? I can’t pick any single wine, but it’s a top 10 wine to be sure.

But, has Gary V gone "New World" on us? I think maybe he has. Oh, and Gary, you can buy that wine direct from Roman Roth himself for $50 a bottle. Something tells me that some weird New Jersey direct shipping law is to blame for WL’s price.

Let’s keep an eye on Gary. If he goes "New World" let’s call him on it. Who needs yet another popular ‘critic’ who is in love with one-dimensional adult koolaid?

We’ll know that he’s gone New World when he says he prefers Napa cab franc to Loire Valley renditions. Luckily, that hasn’t happened yet.