Posts Written OnFebruary 27, 2008

Wine Chick Wednesday: I’m in a New York State of Disconnect

We New Yorkers are a weird bunch. To start, we can’t even agree on what being a New Yorker means. A former NYC resident myself, I always found it beyond comical that NY1 would devote an entire 60 seconds to the “World Beyond New York” – be it Long Island, Louisiana or Lithuania, it was all the same upon exit from the five boroughs. Is that, then, the true New York? Not likely. Despite the heavy tax-base and votership in that small speck of real estate, the rest of the state ends up feeling neglected and overlooked. For example, when…

Bernard Cannac Out as Winemaker at Duck Walk Vineyards

The winemaking landscape on Long Island is changing quite a bit in recent weeks. The latest bit of news, again involving Bernard Cannac, is that he has been laid off as the winemaker at Duck Walk Vineyards. Emails to Duck Walk Vineyards have not been returned. When/if they are, hopefully we’ll learn who the new winemaker will be. My guess is that Jason Damianos, winemaker at sister winery Pindar and CEO of the parent company will take the reins. No word on what Cannac’s plans are either.