I’m heading back out onto the dock
with a glass of local riesling, but I just wanted to announce to the world how much we’re loving our time in the Finger Lakes.

The cottage we’re renting is just steps (maybe 3) from the water, offering great views and the perfect setting for our mini-vacation. We’ve had two good meals (more on them later) and have enjoyed touring the vineyards. It’s quite a different world than the Long Island wine scene, that’s for sure. Different in both good and bad ways I think.

This picture, snapped today on our final tasting stop at Keuka Springs Winery, offers just a glimpse of the stunning views most tasting rooms offer. No matter how much money Long Island winery owners pump into their tasting rooms, they aren’t going to replicate these views. No chance.

More tasting tomorrow and a waterside barbecue is in the plans. The sunny skies and weather in the 70s demands it.