Wbc3_corknot_taberI don’t have a lot of time for reading these days. Between a busy day job, a burgeoning freelance career and the exhaustion that chasing a 16-month old around causes, reading has fallen down the priority list lately. I still have the best intentions. I try to go to bed a little early so I can read for an hour or so before actually going to sleep.

Of course that just leads to me waking up a couple hours later with the book on my chest and the lights still on.

This might seem like a weird way to announce that I’m hosting the third edition of Wine Book Club, but I’m hoping that WBC will serve as added motivation to get back to reading more.

The book I’ve chosen for WBC is George Taber’s To Cork or Not To Cork: Tradition, Romance, Science, and the Battle for the Wine Bottle.

The whole cork/Stelvin/Zork topic is one that I’ve found myself getting more and more interested in, so this is a good choice for me personally, and one that I hope you guys are interested in too.

So, join us on June 24 and post your review of To Cork or Not To Cork. And hey, if you don’t have a blog, you can sign up at our new Wine Book Club blog and post there.

Thanks to Dr. Debs for the original idea for WBC for allowing me to host. I’m looking forward to it.