GoeI don’t think I’ve mentioned it here (not lately anyway) but our local grocery stores are awful. Pitiful really. They are particularly pathetic when it comes to the produce departments. The produce rarely looks fresh and it tastes great even less often.

That’s just one of the reason we can’t wait for our summer vegetable, fruit and egg shares to start at Garden of Eve Organic Organic Farm. It starts in a couple weeks, and our goal is to avoid the chain stores as much as possible for the 22 weeks of the program.

And, because I can’t help but get involved in things I’m into, I’ve signed up to be a ‘core member’ and we had our first meeting with Eve last night to discuss event planning, member communication and volunteer programs at the farm. Our very own Donavan Hall, and his wife Denise, are core members as well. In fact, during the meeting, I got to taste some of his home brew (delicious) and even sampled some of their homemade mead, which was also good.

We talked about a lot of cool ideas last night — chefs doing demonstrations with lesser-known produce, themed potlucks for members, a new blog and email newsletter program. It’s going to be a lot of fun, but for me the real draw is the terrific produce we’re going to get every week. AND, it will be good to have an excuse to drive out to wine country every weekend. I have to get our share, don’t I?