RootsFour years. That’s a long time… especially in the world of the Web and blogs. But, next month’s edition of Wine Blogging Wednesday will mark the event’s 48th edition. Four years of tasting wine together, virtually. Over the years, we’ve explored many regions and grapes We’ve had fun themes. We’ve had more academic ones.

As the founder of this little thing we affectionately refer to as WBW, I’m going to host the 4th anniversary celebration and I’m going to ask you to go back to your roots… your wine drinking roots that is.

We’re all wine lovers, but we have gotten where we are today in a variety of ways on a variety of paths. These long, windy paths are littered with wines the world over. I just want you to pick one of the wines from the beginning of your journey, taste it again for the first time in a while, and tell us about it.

Maybe you remember the very first wine you ever tasted. Try it again.

Or maybe there was one wine that you drank a lot of when you were still a wine neophyte. That’d be fun too and I think that’s the route I’m going. I don’t remember the first wine I ever tasted (though it may have been MD 20/20 and who wants to drink that again?), but I do remeber two other wines from my past that I might revisit. One was the first wine that made me say "A-HA!" and the other is one that I drank a lot of when I was in graduate school. I’ve seen it a few times in some local shops, so hopefully I can get my hand on a bottle.

To give everyone a bit more time to think about, and dig out a wine for, WBW 48, let’s do it on Wednesday, August 13. Post your entry to your blog and either shoot me an email, find me on Twitter, or leave a comment to this post. Don’t have a blog? Go over to the Wine Blogging Wednesday site and you can post there.

Go back to your wine-drinking roots people.